U.S. Embassy Belgrade

October 21, 2015

Details on the U.S. Embassy in Serbia and U.S./Serbian relations:




This was my first visit to any U.S. Embassy.   I was impressed.  I felt positive at the work of the embassy in Serbia.   While they did not back away at there mission to show the United States and its culture in a positive manner, they all seemed to want to help and serve the Serbian people as well.   It was very interesting to learn about the jobs of the different staff members.   I think the American  Corners is a fantastic service and I am glad I had an opportunity to learn about it.


I had never been to an Embassy before, so this was exciting and interesting.  I also had never realized how many different job opportunities there were for people in Embassies around the world.  There is everything from an Information Officer (a librarian), Press Attaché, Refugee and Migration Coordinator, to jobs in economics, and helping Americans that have lost their passports and have all sorts of other needs while away from home.  Helping Americans who are away from home was all I really knew about before visiting the US Embassy in Serbia.  The people we spoke to are trying to do what they can to help Serbia with their goals for the country and it was interesting to hear how they are doing that.  I enjoyed this visit and have always wanted to live in another country, knowing these jobs are out there is something to consider for the future.


Going to the U.S. embassy, was a new experience for me (well, going to an embassy at all). I found the conversations really interesting. I especially was interested in hearing on the situation from the Refugee and Migrant Assistant Director (I believe that was his title), getting a fuller picture on what is happening now and why with the Syrian refugees. We also heard on the economic situation in Serbia, and how they are preparing to eventually enter the European Union. I had known that Serbia wasn’t part of the EU, I didn’t know the specifics around it.


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