Novi Sad City Library

October 23, 2015

The Novi Sad main library branch was founded in 1845. There are 22 library branches in Novi Sad. There are 20,000 new patrons every year. The children’s department puts out a magazine for parents and teachers.

Cover of the magazine put out by the Novi Sad library


Novi Sad City Library was wow so much they were doing with so little.  The journal that they publish is very professional and amazing.   A lot of work is accomplished in the small, in dimension, library.   I wish we had more time to learn more of their programs and it would have great to experience some of the programs they have put together as well.   They have a very talented team and the city of Novi Sad is blessed to have them.



This library was different from most of the other libraries we visited, it felt more like a library at home, and this was because they had open stacks.  However, I now see why most of the libraries have closed stacks; the space starts to get very crowded.  It was a tight fit, but the librarians there are not put off by that, they have multiple programs and provide a magazine to the schools and public recommending books and all sorts of other information.  Unfortunately, they are cutting the magazine from four times a year to twice a year, but I think it will allow them to put out an amazing product.  It already is amazing, especially considering they are doing it in their spare time with all the programs and very little budget, I cannot wait to see what they do with it in the future.  The librarians here were so proud of their programs and their work, and I do not blame them, it was a wonderful library to visit and learn about.


The Novi Sad main library branch is another library in a historic building, which means they are very cramped for space and have to come up with creative solutions. Such as bins on the floor in the children’s room for larger book series. Also interesting was that the children’s librarians at that branch put out their own magazine for parents and teachers, with articles on new trends, recommended books and so on.I also loved that they had a display about mustaches!

Mustache trends







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