Anica Savic Rebac / International Children’s Library branch

October 23, 2015

The International Children’s library branch is the only library branch in Novi Sad specifically for children and the only branch to house foreign language materials for children.


The biggest take away for me at the International Children’s Library was the use of space.   I liked that the Librarian was able to put together an idea and have it bloom into fruition.   Someone mentioned that it looked like a small independent bookstore.   It was a great use of space and they are able to make a better experience for those members of the library.  As with most of our visits I was impressed with the positive energy from the librarian and the volunteers.  I am sure that the energy is passed on to the members of the library.  I know I was touched by positive attitudes expressed during our visit.


It was amazing to see what can be done with such a small space.  The librarian designed the space herself.  She took advantage of the height of the space and created a second “floor,” this allowed the books to reach the ceiling and the patrons to be able to reach the books so close to the ceiling.  We were told 80 people can fit into the space for programs and that is an amazing thing.  Many from our class were able to bring books to donate and the librarian was so excited, she had the books spread out on the table and was taking pictures of them so that she could post to Facebook.  Near the end of the visit, I got distracted by seeing some of my favorite series as a child on the shelf, self of me probably but I loved seeing them on the shelf half way around the world.


The Anic Savic Rebac branch was named after a poet, who was also a translator and a professor at the University of Belgrade. Interestingly, this is the only one of the 26 branches of the Novi Sad which has foreign language materials for children and young adults. They are also part of the European institute, which means they collaborate with cultural programs throughout Europe. I loved that it was the head librarian who designed the space, and how much it looked like a bookstore.

The International Children’s Library
Spine labels at International Children’s library

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