American Corner Novi Sad

October 23, 2015


Brochure from the American Corner Novi Sad


The visit to the American Corner at Novi Sad was very fun for me.   I really appreciate that I was able to read a story.   I also learned that I need to do more of that as I was a bit out of practice.  The teen and young adult talk time was also educational as well as a lot of fun.  I was once again impressed with the Serbians that we met and how well they speak English.  In our group we spoke about education and jobs and the struggles that we all have in the daily grind.  Once again I was impressed at the many accomplishments of the library and its staff.   They are providing a great service to their community.



I did not read to the children, so I was able to sit back and watch; it is always fun when to see that children are children no matter where they are.  There were a couple of little girls that wanted to talk to each other instead of listen to the stories, and they were all excited about the stories that they heard and Morris the Monkey puppet show.  After children’s hour, we had the opportunity to speak with some Serbian teens, and some Serbians who were not teens but wanted to practice their English.  While we had many opportunities to speak with the librarians we met, this was a different opportunity, we talked about a variety of subjects, and it was interesting to learn more about Serbians and how they do things.  I was able to learn about how the school schedule works, what foods to try (unfortunately this advice came a little late in the trip, but still fun information), why there were random “H’s” in the halls of the hotel (that is where the fire extinguishers are), and many other topics.  I always appreciate the opportunity to learn about other cultures and the people from those cultures.


At the Novi Sad American Corner, we did a story time with some kids, their grasp of English for being so young was quite impressive. Especially since they typically don’t start learning their second language in school until 5th grade, and most of these kids were younger than that. After story time, we had a youth conversation, where young adults come to practice English and are supposed to only speak that for the hour and a half. It was really great to have a longer conversation with them, as most of our interactions had been with adults or librarians.

American Corner Novi Sad building

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