American Corner Belgrade

October 20, 2015


I learned a lot during this visit.   I think the idea for everyone to talk about themselves was for their benefit, but I found it helpful to learn about our group.  I read our introductions that we did on canvas, but I felt I knew everyone a little better after our discussion.  I also thought the presentation was well done and informative.  I wrote down several of the ideas presented with the intention to share with others including my local county library.


I enjoyed the time we had time to chat with Sandra, Milica, and Milica before the presentation.  It was interesting to learn about them, and what brought them to the American Corner, Milica and Milica are both library students, one incoming intern and one outgoing.  I also liked that it gave me a chance to hear a little bit more about my classmates and what brought them to the program and what they hope to do after.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Fay gave a presentation to the library students there on fundraising and public relations.  This was interesting because we have not talked about this a lot in my classes, although after I got home it seemed like a couple of the points from the presentation suddenly came up in other discussions.  Trying to come up with other fundraisers that are not books sales seems like an almost impossible task, but there are other things out there and it gives me something to think on for a while.


This was our second visit to the American Corner, for conversation with the American Corner workers, and then a presentation on fundraising and public relations. A class from the University of Belgrade came for the presentation. It seems that the gender divide in library science is just as skewed as it is in the U.S.! It was interesting getting to speak with the librarians on various issues, especially on the refugee situation and Serbia trying to get into the European Union, and what their views were on those things.


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